A MAZE. Magazine Website

It took a while to get here, but A MAZE. Magazine finally has its own website! What do you think? It's a first draft but we're feeling pretty cosy with the space. For now, we are uploading content from our latest issue on DEATH. Content from earlier issues will be added gradually in the following weeks. 

As readers may know, A MAZE. Magazine is by and large a conference print magazine. Since 2014, we have been publishing twice a year, with a sizeable distribution at GDC in San Francisco, A MAZE. Fest in Berlin, and in Johannesburg as well as Gamescom in Cologne. Although we enjoy readership from outside the independent games community, the magazine started out as a publication by and for the community. We love picking up topics that impact and provoke the adventurous art of playing, and making a real magazine on digital affairs for readers. 

But things evolve. Over time, we are realising that there is a growing public interest in the art and adventure of indie games, and that not everyone can afford to attend conferences. The exclusivity of a conference-only magazine is something we're not happy about. We are hoping to bring A MAZE. Magazine to more readers with this website. For one thing, it will make content more shareable. For each issue, we receive many excellent submissions. They're thoughtful, in-depth, subversive, and very much worth sharing. We want readers and contributors alike to be able to fire this stuff around the internets. 

Got a reaction? Ping us at @AMazeMags or magazine@a-maze.net.