A MAZE. Magazine Editorial Team

Thorsten Wiedemann

Thorsten is the founder and artistic director of A MAZE. He is the mastermind behind the A MAZE. / Berlin and A MAZE. / Johannesburg Festivals.  

Thorsten is the editor in chief at A MAZE. Magazine, responsible for the topic of each issue as well as funding and partner relationships. 

You can contact Thorsten directly at thorsten@a-maze.net.

Krystle Wong

Krystle is a born and bred Malaysian Chinese. She is freelance journalist and comic book artist, Krystle writes about Asia, intersectional politics, creative technologies, and questions of modern labour. 

At A MAZE. Magazine, Krystle is responsible for all proofreading and copy-editing. 

You can contact Krystle directly at krystle@a-maze.net.

Franziska Zeiner

Franziska is a Berlin based game designer.

Franziska is in charge of the A MAZE. Magazine website and supports Krystle with the final proofreading.

You can contact Franziska directly at franziska@a-maze.net.